241961 Pte Austin PICKERING 2/5th York and Lancaster Regiment.


Austin was born at Ecclesfield in 1878. He first appears in the census record of 1881 living at High Bridge Row with parents William and Ann. He can then be traced through to his enlistment.

1891 – 107 Penistone Road – scholar

1901 – 381 Penistone Road – grocers assistant

1911 – 154 Whitham Road, Broomhill – grocers assistant

Austin enlisted at Rotherham on the 24th March 1916. He enters the ranks of the 4th York and Lancaster Regiment. At this time he gives his age as 38 years, employed as a barman and residing at the Big Tree public house 842 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield.

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It is not known when Austin entered France but we can see from his service record that he was wounded on the 11th March 1917 suffering a gun shot wound to the left arm. He was wounded a second time on the 9th October 1917 suffering a shrapnel wound to a hand.

He can be seen to have passed away in Sheffield aged 61 at the Sheffield Royal Infirmary and buried in the Sheffield City Road Cemetery on 5th November 1939. The grave no longer exists.