Police Constable 716 Michael BEAUMONT South Yorkshire Police



PC716 Mick BEAUMONT joined south Yorkshire Police on the 18th July 1988. He completed 13 weeks of basic training at Durham and was then posted to a duty group at West Bar police station, Sheffield. Mick would cut his teeth in and around the city centre before earning a position as community constable on the areas of the Park Hill, Wybourn and Hyde Park.

West Bar Police Station

West Bar Police Station


Park Hill Flats Complex

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After a 6 year spell as community constable Mick moved back to West Bar as an investigator in the shop lifting squad, a position that would provide ample opportunity to engage with the city centres many thieves. He would then move back to a duty group, or what by now would be called a response team.

Mick then volunteered to be part of an exciting partnership policing the Burngreave area. This would see the police in Sheffield working in close partnership with other agencies for the first time in an effort to bring order to what was then an area of poor social and economic standing where crime and antisocial behaviour was rife.

A further 2 years later Mick would find himself tied to a desk within the crime management unit where he ploughed a furrow for 6 years before the purge known as civilianisation would see him moved back to a response team at Ecclesfield where he would remain until the 5th July 2014, his last working day. Mick served a total of 26 years as a uniformed officer.

Ecclesfield Police Station

ecclesfield police station

During his service he would receive the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal, Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

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Caricature of Mick sketched by his colleague PC Andy SLACK.